Monday, 18 August 2014

Stornoway White Pudding and Smoked Scottish Mussels

Smoked mussels on Stornoway white pudding with salad

Black pudding is popular throughout the UK and in many other countries in similar form, often under different names. While white pudding may not be so widely known, it is a very delicious alternative to black. Black pudding with scallops is a popular starter or appetizer in Scotland and it was that dish which inspired this creation. The Loch Fyne smoked mussels were part of the goodie bag gift I covered in my previous post and these were the last two pieces of genuine Stornoway white pudding I had in my freezer.

Stornoway white pudding

Ingredients (Serves One)

2 slices of Stornoway white pudding (fully defrosted, if applicable)
Oil for frying
Generous handful mixed salad leaves
6 Loch Fyne smoked mussels in vegetable oil
Couple of teaspoons of the oil from the mussels to dress the salad

Starting to fry white pudding


Pour a little oil in to a non-stick frying pan and bring it up to a medium heat. Lay the white pudding slices in the pan to fry over a low to medium heat.

Salad is carefully washed under running cold water

Put the salad in to a colander and wash thoroughly under running cold water. Shake dry.

White pudding is turned to fry on second side

After four or five minutes, turn the white pudding to fry for a similar period of time on the second side.

Loch Fyne smoked mussels

Lay the fried white pudding slices on a serving plate.

White pudding is plated

Carefully arrange three smoked mussels on top of each slice of white pudding.

Smoked mussels are arranged on top of white pudding

Arrange the salad leaves on the plate and drizzle with a little of the mussels oil.

Enjoying Loch Fyne smoked mussels on Stornoway white pudding

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