Saturday, 16 August 2014

Banana Leg Tomato and Lemon Cucumber Salad Sandwich

Banana leg tomato, lemon cucumber and salad sandwich

I've featured lemon cucumbers on here before and explained how they are cucumbers shaped like and the colour of lemons. They taste exactly like "ordinary" cucumbers, though the skin is a bit thicker. When I was gifted the latest couple of these cucumbers from a local greenhouse a few days ago, I was also given some curiously named banana leg tomatoes, another new fruit for me to try. I've been familiar with yellow tomatoes since childhood - when they were grown in the family greenhouse -  but these banana leg ones were shaped entirely differently. Taste? Exactly the same as other yellow tomatoes and just a little bit sweeter than red ones. What better way to enjoy these two ingredients on what was a beautiful summer's day than to make a tasty salad sandwich for lunch?

Banana leg tomatoes and lemon cucumber

Ingredients (Makes 2 Sandwiches)

2 banana leg tomatoes, sliced long ways
1/2 lemon cucumber, sliced
2 handfuls mixed salad leaves of choices
4 diagonal slices from an organic white bloomer loaf (or loaf of choice)
Butter or substitute (optional)
Splash of malt vinegar (optional)
2 or 3 shredded basil leaves to garnish

Salad leaves are washed in cold water


Always remember to wash salad leaves thoroughly under running cold water before they are used. This applies to whether you pick them from your own garden/greenhouse or  buy them from a supermarket. Never trust a lable that says, "Washed and ready to eat." The risk of food poisoning from unwashed (particularly supermarket packed) salad leaves is very real.

Thick slices are cut diagonally from organic white bloomer loaf

Slice the bread and butter if desired.

It is entirely up to you whether you wish to peel the lemon cucumber. I don't as I like the crunch provided by the skin but some people think it is a little too thick. Either way, wash and dry the cucumber and the tomatoes before slicing.

Banana leg tomatoes and lemon cucumber are sliced

Shake the washed salad leaves dry and lay them on what will be the bottom slice of bread in each sandwich.

Salad leaves are laid on what will be the bottom of the sandwich

Lay the lemon cucumber slices on top of the salad and season with a little salt and a splash of malt vinegar if desired. I love malt vinegar with any type of cucumber - it really helps bring out the subtle flavour.

Lemon cucumber slices are laid on salad bed

Lay the banana leg tomato slices on the cucumber and season with a little more salt. Garnish with the shredded basil leaves.

Banan leg tomato slices are laid on lemon cucumber and salad

Close over your sandwiches, press down slightly on the top slice of bread and enjoy!

Banana leg tomato, lemon cucumber and salad sandwich ready to eat

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