Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Griddled Scottish Scallops with Soured Cream and Chives on Toast

A Perhaps Unusual but Truly Delicious Way to Serve Scallops

Griddle seared Scottish scallops, soured cream and chives on wholewheat toast

If pristine Scottish scallops are to be enjoyed at their very best they must be cooked simply and ideally served simply. I know it's not always the case but there is a danger that this second consideration can lead to us being a little bit unimaginative when it comes to enjoying scallops. Bearing this in mind, I came up with this simple but hopefully unusual combination. I wasn't sure myself how it would work but I'm pleased to say I thoroughly enjoyed it and I hope you'll give it a go.

Fresh Scottish king scallops

Ingredients per Serving

3 slices from a wholewheat bread stick
3 Scottish king scallops
Scottish rapeseed oil for oiling scallops for griddling
1 tablespoon soured cream
1 teaspoon chopped chives plus extra to garnish

Slices are cut from a wholewheat bread stick


Lightly toast the bread slices on both sides under your grill (broiler) while your griddle pan is coming up to a searingly hot heat. You should at this time also combine the soured cream and chives in a small bowl.

Wholewheat bread slices lightly toasted

I know that the coral (orange bit) is often discarded from scallops but I personally think that is a waste. It may not be as succulently delicious as the main muscle (white bit) but it is perfectly edible and enjoyable. Scallops are expensive enough without throwing a large part of them away!

Starting to griddle oiled scallops

Drizzle the scallops with rapeseed oil and very gently rub it all over them with your hands. When the toast is ready and the griddle pan is smoking hot, carefully lay the scallops on the pan with cooking tongs. They will take at the very most thirty seconds each side to cook. Be very careful not to overcook them or they will be rubbery and even inedible.

Soured cream and chives is spread on toast

While the scallops are griddling on the first side, divide the soured cream and chive mix between the three slices of toast and spread out towards but not all the way to the edges.

Scallops are griddled on their second side

Turn the callops with your cooking tongs to fry on their second sides before lifting them on to the soured cream toast. Garnish with the extra chives.

Scallop laid on each slice of toast and soured cream

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