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Wee Willie Winkie Sausages and Salad Pitta Bread Pockets

A Tasty Way of Serving a Scottish Kids' Food Classic

Wee Willie Winkie cocktail sausages and salad filled pitta bread

Wee Willie Winkie sausages evoke for me many warm memories from childhood. In fact, until a couple of years ago, I thought they had long since been consigned to the annals of history and didn't for a minute imagine they were still available. It was actually only by pure coincidence that I saw them one night in my local supermarket - still sold in what is at least similar packaging - and I knew immediately that I had to buy a pack and try them again for old times' sake.

While Wee Willie Winkies are aimed at and widely enjoyed by children, I decided to try experimenting with the sausages. They are commonly served cold as part of buffets on cocktail sticks so at the time I came at my experiments from the angle of producing serving ideas for cocktail sausages at parties. That's something I may develop further in future but in this instance, I wanted to come up with a modern way of serving a classic Scottish children's favourite and the following is what I devised.

Wee\Willie Winkie Sausages

Ingredients per Serving

5 Wee Willie Winkie cocktail sausages
Vegetable oil for frying
Small handful of mixed salad
1 pitta bread (garlic and coriander in this instance)
Salad dressing of choice
Chopped chives to garnish

Starting to fry Wee\Willie Winkies


The first step is to get the Wee Willie Winkie sausages on to fry. It is important to fry them over a very gentle heat in a little oil, turning them frequently. They will take about five to seven minutes to cook and beautifully brown. They should also be ever so slightly crisp on the outside.

Mixed salad is washed under running cold water

When the sausages are on to fry, add the salad to a colander and wash thoroughly under running cold water. It is imperative that this be done in all instances, even where the pack claims the salad is washed and ready to eat. Sit the colander on your draining board to let the salad drain.

Blue cheese salad dressing and pitta breads

Although I've used garlic and criander pitta breads and a blue cheese and garlic salad dressing, you can of course use your variety of choice in both instances.

Wee\Willie Winkie sausages are almost ready

When the Wee Willie Winkies are ready, turn off the heat and push the pan to a cool part of your stove. They will stay warm for the maximum two minutes it will take you to get everything else ready to go.

Pitta bread is carefully cut open to form a pocket

Heat the pitta bread(s) following the instructions on the pack. Cut carefully along one long side with a very sharp knife and open it up like a pocket. Note that I used some kitchen paper to protect my hand from the heat.

Starting to fill pitta bread with cocktail sausages and salad

Shake any remaining water from the salad and fill the pitta bread alternately with some salad and the sausages. Don't overfill.

Wee\Willie Winkie and salad filled pitta bread pocket

Squeeze some dressing over the pitta bread filling and scatter with the chopped chives.

Tucking in to Wee\Willie Winkie salad pitta bread

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