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Scottish Rolls and Sausage with Thai Stir Fried Veg and Crackers

A Perfect Blend of Traditional and Modern Fast Food

Sweet Thai chilli stir fried veg is added to Scottish rolls and sausage

A roll and sausage is of course a hugely popular foodstuff in Scotland, especially for breakfast. As delicious as it almost always is, however, it is usually quite a simple affair, with a fried or grilled (broiled) sliced sausage on a bread roll and perhaps some fried onions and brown or tomato sauce to add a bit of taste, variety or excitement. I love experimenting with this humble Scottish foodstuff, however, devising new toppings for the sausages and new ways to embellish the creation. The possibilities are so numerous and interesting - just like American burgers in so many ways. This was perhaps my most outlandish attempt for a while and although it was super tasty and scrumptious, I probably wouldn't recommend it for breakfast. This is definitely an evening meal recipe suggestion!

Note that although I was only (as usual) cooking for one, the smallest quantity of pre-prepared stir fry veg I could get would easily do two (even four!) people, so I've reflected that in the ingredients list below.

Assembled ingredients for Scottish/Thai rolls and sausage

Ingredients (Serves Two)

4 sliced sausages
Vegetable oil for frying/stir frying
Pack of mixed supermarket stir frying veg
5 ounce (120g) sachet of sweet chilli Thai stir frying sauce
4 Scottish bread rolls
2 tablespoons freshly chopped coriander (cilantro)
Couple of handfuls of Thai crackers

Starting to fry the sliced sausages in oil


Pour a little vegetable oil in to a non-stick frying pan and start the sausages frying over a low to medium heat. The time they take to fry will depend upon their thickness but generally be around four to five minutes each side.

Starting to stir fry mixed vegetables in wok

When you've turned your sausages to fry on the second side, get your wok heating to a very high heat.  Add a tablespoon or two of vegetable oil and once that is heated, add the veg. Stir fry for a minute or so, keeping your heat at maximum.

Sweet Thai chilli sauce is added to stir frying vegetables

Pour the sachet of sweet Thai chilli sauce in to the wok with the vegetables. Stir fry for a further minute to ensure everything is super piping hot.

Sweet Thai chilli veg is ready to serve

Cut your bread rolls open with a bread knife and lay them on your serving plates.

Sliced sausages are laid on cut open rolls

The sausages should be lifted from the frying pan with a spatula and laid on the bottom halves of the rolls.

Sweet chilli stir fried veg is laid on top of sliced sausages

Cooking tongs are the best tools to lift some of the mixed stir fried veg on top of the sausages.

Freshly chopped coriander is scattered over stir fried veg

Use about half of your chopped coriander to scatter over the stir fried veg before placing the tops on the rolls.

Thai crackers are served with rolls and sausage and Thai stir fried veg

Plate the Thai crackers along with the rolls, scatter the crackers with the remaining coriander and serve your Scottish rolls and sausages in a way that few people will have enjoyed before. I promise you: this is excellent and the even better news is that you can easily adapt the recipe with different types of veg, sauces and crackers/crisps.

Tucking in to Scottish roll and sausage with Thai stir fried veg

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