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Scottish Venison Grillsteaks with Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables

Venison grillsteaks with roasted mixed vegetables and bruschetta

When I go food shopping, I usually take a list of what I need, or I at least know roughly what I'm looking to buy and prepare for my dinner. Occasionally, however, I simply can't decide on anything and choose to visit the supermarket with an open mind and simply see what catches my eye. That was precisely how this meal came about on Sunday night and I am so glad it did. I will definitely be making this again soon. It was not only incredibly delicious and enjoyable, it was extremely easy to make, as much of the preparation work had already been done.

Scottish venison grillsteaks and assorted Mediterranean vegetables

Ingredients per Person

2 Scottish venison grillsteaks
1 pack of ready to roast assorted Mediterranean style vegetables
Extra virgin olive oil
Salt and pepper
Vegetable oil
2 diagonal slices from French bread stick
1 clove of garlic, peeled and crushed
Chopped chives to garnish

Oiled and seasoned vegetables ready for roasting


If you buy vegetables oven ready in this way, do consult the instructions on the pack. This was how I was directed to cook them in this particular instance.

The oven had to be preheated to 220C/450F/Gas mark 8.

The vegetables were drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper. They then went in to the oven for half an hour.

Venison grillsteaks are oiled for griddling

You could fry the grillsteaks in an ordinary frying pan or of course grill them but I like the presentation of steaks which have been cooked on a cast iron griddle pan. The first step is to get your pan on to reach a smoking hot heat and to brush the venison steaks lightly on both sides with vegetable oil.

Venison grillsteaks are added to searingly hot griddle pan

When the griddle is ultra hot, use cooking tongs to lift the venison steaks on to the hot surface and leave to cook for three minutes.

Venison grillsteaks are turned in griddle pan

Turn the steaks to fry for three minutes on their second side.

Venison grillsteaks removed to warm plate to rest

Lift the venison steaks to a heated plate, cover with tinfoil and leave to rest for five minutes.

Roasted Mediterranean vegetables

Take the roasted vegetables from the oven.

Bread is sliced for bruschetta

Toast the slices of bread until golden on both sides. Rub on the top side with the crushed garlic clove.

Garlic is rubbed on hot toast

Drizzle the toast with extra virgin olive oil and season with salt and black pepper.

Freshly prepared bruschetta

Use a slotted spoon to lift the vegetables on to a serving plate and arrange as a bed for the venison steaks.

Roasted mixed vegetables are plated as a bed for the venison grillsteaks

Take the foil cover off the steaks and lift them on to the bed of roasted vegetables.

Venison grillsteaks are laid on bed of Mediterranean vegetables

Garnish the steaks with the freshly chopped chives. Although I say chopped chives, I do however actually snip them with scissors - it's much easier.

Chives are scattered over venison steaks and vegetables

Plate the bruschetta on the edges of the plate and tuck in to a Scottish Mediterranean feast...

Cutting in to succulent Scottish venison grillsteak

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